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EndurAlloy "Boronized" Tubing and Casing

Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant EndurAlloy™ Tubing and Casing was engineered to reduce downhole tubing failures and significantly improve well run-time and profitability. 

Install EndurAlloy™Tubing and Casing to reduce the effects of downhole abrasion and corrosion in Artificial Lift completions. 

Many of the PCP and RRP well completion failures are comprised of rod on tubing wear. EndurAlloy™ tubing has been proven to prevent downhole failures in both rotating and reciprocating artificial lift completions.

EndurAlloy Boronized Tubing and Casing

The EndurAlloy Treatment Process is a high strength surface enhancement process which creates an alloyed surface on the tubing internal surface by diffusing boron into the substrate of carbon steel. The treated surface is comprised of one atom of boron and one atom of iron, which combine to create a molecule of iron boride. This process provides excellent protection against rotating or stroking rod wear, erosion caused by abrasive fluids, corrosion, and other factors that cause premature tubing failures.

There are many advantages in utilizing EndurAlloy™ over IPC (Internally Plastic Coated) tubing including retaining the original internal diameter of the tubing, and it is stable up to 900 F. The internal surface of EndurAlloy tubing retains the mechanical properties of the original J‐55, yet has a hardness rating of 73‐90 Rockwell C equivalent. For comparison, regular J‐55 is less than 20 HRC.


•   A significant reduction in well servicing costs.

•   Increased run time between tubing failures

•   Reduces expenses and increases revenues by eliminating rig jobs and lost production.

EndurAlloy™ Tubing is available in 2 3/8″, 2 7/8″ and 3 1/2″ (Range 2). Ready for immediate shipment to your wellsite.

Cobalt Extreme is the Australian representative for EndurAlloy Oilfield Tubing and Casing, and we are committed to develop cost effective engineered solutions to reduce tubing failures due to downhole arasion, erosion and corrosion. For more information please visit

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