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Sucker Rod Lifecycle Management.

Cobalt offers a full array of sucker rod products and services designed to support your artificial lift well completions. The services we offer can become a key to lowering well servicing costs while at the same time eliminating your risks from downhole rod-to-tubing wear. 

Rod Reconditioning: Cobalt is the only company which can effectively recondition your used rods, inspect the rods, store the rods, and increase their useful life with CobaltSPIRAL Sucker Rod Guides and Couplings. We are also the only company that will warranty every re-used sucker rod fitted with Cobalt products.

Rod Inspection: Cobalt sucker rod inspection virtually eliminates failures caused by rod and thread quality, including the sucker rod couplings.

Rod Guide Placement: In deviated wells, CobaltSPIRAL rod guides properly placed on the rod string can prevent rod-to-tubing and coupling-to-tubing wear. Proper placement involves integrating information on hole trajectory, rod sting properties, produced fluid properties and well economics.

Sucker Rod Inspection

Inspected & Reconditioned Sucker Rods

Cobalt offers reconditioned sucker rods, which are suitable for re-use. Our inventory is carefully inspected and classified according to API Recommended Practice 11BR, 9th Edition.

EndurAlloy Boronized Tubing

Cobalt is the Australian representative for Endurance Boronized tubing and specialist downhole products. Proven in abrasive and deviated well conditions to out-perform standard tubing and reduce well servicing costs.

Sucker Rod Guide and Coupling Installation 

Cobalt recommends that our clients utilise our technicians to install Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides and Coupling Centralizers on rod strings at our facility (or at the clients warehouse) prior to transport to the wellsite. This is a low cost service, which will save on well servicing costs while at the same time improving the well performance.

Since every rod will have a coupling on it, the potential for missing couplings at the wellsite can be avoided. How many times has this shut down a rig while the search is on for a replacement of missing couplings? And, since the threaded connections and couplings will not be thrown or dragged through the dirt, the chances of thread galling will be virtually eliminated. 

It simply makes sense to use our low cost, CobaltSPIRAL Sucker Rod Guide and Coupling Centralizer installation service. 

Cost effective sucker rod management begins with prevention. Re-completing the well with the same components will not prevent failure recurrence. Achievable failure frequency reductions require accurate root cause analysis and implementation of corrective actions. A sucker rod string may fail downhole for a variety of reasons such as erosion, abrasion, corrosion, torque, fatigue or premature rod guide wear. Cobalt wants to collaborate with you to determine the cause to reduce your ongoing well maintenance costs.

Our team of engineers use a variety of scientific methods to simulate downhole artificial pumping conditions and sample analysis to determine the failure mechanism, potential contributing factors, and provide recommendations to prevent future failures. Contact Cobalt to learn more.

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