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Abrasion Resistant Sucker Rod Guides

Cobalt offers a wide range of sucker rod guides and rod coupling centralisers. Injection molded sucker rod guides for RRP and PCP applications. Designed to extend the life of your tubing, CobaltSPIRAL sucker rod guides will increase reliability downhole and enhance production performance.

•   Multiple sucker rod guide sizes available
•   ARPMAX abrasion resistant polymers
•   Engineered (and proven) to meet the challenges in extreme well conditions.
•   Prevent Localised Sand Concentrations in the tubing 
•   No Splitting or Cracking
•   Very low Friction Co-Efficient 
•   Overmolded and Field Installable "Double-Lock" Rod Guide options
•   Excellent Chemical, Thermal and Dimensional Stability 
•   Designed using "Advanced Surface Dynamics" software and Tribological analysis.
•   Field Installed "Double-Lock" Rod Guides rated to 150° Celcius
•   Overmolded Rod Guides rated to 260° Celcius

Best Sucker Rod Guide

CobaltSPIRAL "Overmolded" and "Field Installable" Sucker Rod Guides. Re-invented sucker rod guide technology to prevent tubing wear and increase well productivity for progressive cavity pumps (PCP) and reciprocating pump (RRP) systems.

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides are designed for use in artificial lift (pumping) wells to eliminate the internal tubing wear caused by contact with the sucker rods. The sucker rod guides minimize costly metal-to-metal contact between the sucker rods and tubing. The guides also function as bearings by centralizing the sucker rods in the tubing string. Even when the tubing buckles during upstrokes, the guides help prevent contact between the rods and tubing. Friction is also reduced, which raises the overall pumping efficiency.

ARPMAX Polymer technology includes CobaltSENSOR and Ensenium™ wear detection technology. (Patent Pending).

Our unique wrap around rod guide design creates a "double-lock" grip on the sucker rod. That grip is strong enough to prevent slippage in most well conditions. Cobalt Rod Guides are easy and safe to install and remove using our Sucker Rod Guide applicator system. CobaltSPIRAL Rod Guides can also be "Overmolded" directly to CobaltMAX Sucker Rods.


CobaltSPIRAL Sucker Rod Guides have been specially designed to reduce rod and tubing wear, reduce work over frequency, reduce torque, prevent tubing wear, reduce pressure loss and reduce maintenance costs per well.


•   ARPMAX Rod Guide Polymer Technology

•   Reduced Sucker Rod Guide torque

•   Proudly Made in Australia

•   Improved sucker rod guide design.

•   Excellent wear protection

•   Incorporates Ensenium wear detection technology.

•   High resistance to Sucker Rod Guide damage from impact and side loading

•   Spiral FlowPass design

•   Maximum Sucker Rod Guide Erodible Wear Volume (EWV)

•   Sucker Rod Guide Computer Modelling

•   Excellent dimensional, thermal and chemical stability

•   Polymer formulations for maximum abrasion resistance


CobaltSPIRAL Rod Guides were developed to increase the lifespan of the rod and tubing string. The engineered design combined with unique abrasion resistant polymer technology prevents the rod and couplings from contact with the internal surface of the tubing, which can cause expensive tubing damage and unscheduled well servicing costs… in addition to lost production.


ARPMAX polymer technology is formulated for applications with high velocity abrasive fluids, engineered to reduce the pressure differential in the rod guide area, reduce torque and reduce the potential for localized abrasive concentrations below and around the rod guides and couplings.

Optimal Rod Guide Placement

Rod Guide selection, material and placement is crucial to ensure effective wear prevention in rod and tubing wear prevention. Cobalt is a specialist in sucker rod guide technology and injection molding process manufacturing. Our extensive selection of proprietary sucker rod guide designs and polymer materials are available for every downhole environment.  

To avoid rod and tubing wear, CobaltSPIRAL Sucker Rod Guides can be field installed at pre-determined spacing to prevent the rod and rod coupling from contacting the tubing internal surface. Internal force analysis shows that the sucker rod is subject the axial forces, side loads and internal bending moments with the changes in hole deviation from vertical.

As a result, the stress and wear potential in some well sections can be very high while in other positions the stresses are low (ie vertical sections). Analysis shows that peak sucker rod stress can be reduced by shortening rod guide spacing.

CobaltSPIRAL Field Installable and/or Overmolded Sucker Rod Guides are the ideal solution for any rod-to-tubing and coupling-to-tubing wear in artificial lift well completions.

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and services for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities located in Australia, USA and Canada, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.

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