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CobaltMAX Sucker Rod System.

The CobaltMAX™ Sucker Rod System is a unique combination of Cobalt products;

•   High Strength Sucker Rods with API Modified High Torque connections
•   Ultra High Strength (UHS) Rod Couplings
•   CobaltSPIRAL Over-molded Sucker Rod Guides 
•   CobaltSPIRAL Field-Installable "Double-Lock" Sucker Rod Guides  
•   Cobalt ROD PACK System (Re-usable Polymer Dividers and Lifting Frames)
•   Cobalt 888 Sucker Rod Thread Lubricant
•   Rod String design using Cobalt Surface Dynamics 

Polished Rods, Pony Rods and Couplings are also available for both reciprocating and progressive cavity pumping, as well as full technical support. With engineering experience and production facilities in China, USA, Canada and Australia, Cobalt can support your artificial lift operations.

CobaltMAX Sucker Rod System

Cobalt ROD PACK System: Usually, Sucker Rods are imported with timber between each row of rods and metal strapping. Once the new rods have been unpacked at the wellsite, the timbers are usually dumped. Cobalt ROD PACK offers a unique re-useable packaging system which consists of a reinforced High-Density Polymer segments.


Each Cobalt ROD PACK segment is designed to prevent contact between the individual sucker rods as per API 11B. The segments have molded sections which match the diameter of the rods to be packed and prevent rolling. Spacing of the recesses were designed to accommodate various sizes of rod guides and couplings on the rods

Cobalt 888 Sucker Rod Thread Lubricant: Cobalt 888 (300 gram Aerosol) is engineered to protect the threads of sucker rod connections under severe operating conditions of high cyclic loading. Cobalt 888 provides excellent resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures, contains anti-wear additives and rust and oxidation inhibitors that provides superior protection from thread galling in sucker rod connections.

Sucker Rod Lubricants have traditionally been either a small amount of oil applied to the bottom of the male connection or brush applied grease. Alternative Sucker Rod Lubricants are applied wet and remain wet long after application to the threads. Wet lubricants (ie: oil and grease) will attract dust, dirt and other potential contaminants onto the threaded connections.

Cobalt 888 is a high-performance lubricant in an air drying, bonding resin. It provides lubrication where oils and grease are not ideal eg: dusty and dirty wellsite conditions. Cobalt 888 is very easy to apply, fast drying at room temperatures and adheres to all metal substrates.

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and services for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities located in Australia, USA and Canada, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.

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