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CLeanSweep™ Sand Control

For maximum effective prevention of solids settling onto downhole pump discharge during well shutdown.

The CleanSweep™ Sand Control System is a field-proven tool used to prevent solids settling on top of progressing cavity pumps and reciprocating pumps during shutdown. This patented tool utilizes a helical brush and is delpoyed as part of the sucker rod string. This system does not rely on the hydrostatic head for operation and is a cost effective alternative to Automatic Divertor Valves (ADV), which are tubing deployed, unreliable and expensive.

Using the CleanSweep™ all solids are prevented from settling back onto the downhole pump and allows the pump to be restarted successfully.

Deployed approx ten (10) sucker rods above the discharge of the pump, the CleanSweep™ does not require any additional tooling for installation, and enables space out to take place as usual.

Besides protecting the pump from solids during a shut down, the CleanSweep™ substantially reduces the amount of stored torque on the sucker rods. This lowers the probability of backed off rods and increases safety by minimizing the required drivehead braking force. Additionally, since there is minimal back-spin, the well can be restarted quickly significantly reducing the amount of deferred production.

CleanSweep Sand Control 

CleanSweep is the ultimate solution for high solids in downhole rod pumped completions. Localized Sand Concentrations in the tubing is a common problem that can be caused by pump off control, rod failure or electrical issues. Without the sucker rod rotational movement, the fluid no longer moves upward, which allows solids to fall back into the pump.

The CleanSweep is engineered and manufactured by Eagle Innovations.

With the patented “CleanSweep” installed on the rod string above the downhole pump, this problem is avoided. The bristles on the CleanSweep catch the solids and prevent them from traveling down into the pump. 

The helical design of the CleanSweep’s centrepiece and brushes allow the solids to travel up during pumping (Corkscrew action), but prevents the solids from traveling down in the event of pump shut down.

During operation, the helical brushes rotate and lifts the solids. This action allows the solids to continuously move toward the surface. Cobalt is the Australian representative for Eagle Innovations.

CleanSweep Sand Control

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and sand separation solutions for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.