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Downhole Sand Management

Maximizing production sand separation performance with integrated artificial lift solutions.
Downhole Sand Management

Downhole Sand Management
and Fluid Conditioning 

Cobalt offers technical support for the prediction of sanding tendencies, detect the sanding locations, select appropriate downhole sand-management and abrasion-control technology, and implement the best operating practices for the life of the well.

Downhole Pump Intake Blockage

Preventing  Downhole Pump
Suction Blockages

Engineered Sand Control systems to prevent downhole pump intake blockage and maximizing artificial lift run life by separating the harmful abrasives. The Sand Control fluid conditioning system is made up of a screen jacket that is placed over perforated tubing with EUE threaded connections. 

Downhole Sand Control screens

Downhole Screens for
Artificial Lift Pumps

CSG and unconventional wells have been a huge challenge for artificial lift wells. Engineered Sand Management technology will increase production and downhole pump run life, reduce PCP elastomer erosion, improve pump energy efficiency, reduce failure rates and overtorque shutdowns.

Produced Formation Sand Particles

Produced Formation
Sand Particles

High Sand Concentrations in rod-pumped artificial lift completions is a major cause of downhole pump shutdowns, downhole tubing wear and rod string overtorque shutdowns. Cobalt has developed a range of products to prevent tubing wear and high torque events.

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and sand separation solutions for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.