Drilling Stabilizer and Reamer Rentals

The Next Generation of Drilling Stabilizers and Reamers, designed to address the known shortcomings of conventional spiral blade stabilizers.
SwitchBlade Drilling Stabilizers

SwitchBlade Drilling Stabilizer

The enhanced hole cleaning ability limits pack off tendency, aides ECD management and minimises borehole erosion when tripping and backreaming.

FixedBlade Drilling Stabilizers

FixedBlade Drilling Stabilizer

Better drill fluid displacement reduces the risk of swabbing and surging in comparison to conventional blade stabilisers when tripping – a key cause of wellbore instability.

Six Shooter Stabilizer

Six Shooter Drilling Stabilizer

Engineered to minimise borehole tortuosity by elongating micro doglegs and borehole spiral patterns. Hydrodynamic design using computational fluid dynamic modelling.

Drilling Stabilizer Rentals

Proven Drilling Performance

Using SwitchBlade and FixedBlade stabilizers saved 70 hours of rig time while drilling three 12 1/4" sections. The amount of Backreaming was reduced and several wiper trips were eliminated.

BitBox Stabilizers

Drilling BitBox and NearBit Stabilizers

The OnBit and NearBit Stabilizers enable enhanced fluid displacement and near bit stabilization without compromising steerability or torque levels..

Drilling Stabilizer Rentals

Available for rental in Australia, New Zealand and PNG.

Advanced Drilling Technology with proven performance.

The tool profile and blade orientation improve BHA and drillstring stabilization by reducing torque, drag and torsional vibration – all key causes of borehole enlargement and subsequent BHA component failure. 

Drilling Stabilizer Rentals

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