Oilfield Tubing Centralizers


Very Low Friction

Low Friction, re-engineered design, rugged, durable and proven superior downhole performance.

Note: Cobalt Tubing Centralizers can also be installed on tubulars with upset ends.

Abrasion Resistant ARPMAX® Polymer

Reduces tubing wear in vertical and deviated wells. Proven polymer performance in highly abrasive well conditions. 

Reduce well operating costs

The Cobalt Tubing Centralizers are engineered to prevent tubing wear, workover frequency, lifting costs and well maintenance.

No Stop Rings required

Cobalt Engineers have developed a permanent clamping system. Safe and fast to install with the Cobalt Applicator Tool.

Integrated RFID Tracking (Optional)

Advanced RFID technology for use with Cobalt software for production tubing, sand screens and liners. Cobalt RFID technology can be injection molded into the polymer materials and suitable for extreme well environments.

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Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and sand separation solutions for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.