Sucker Rod Chemical Treatment

For maximum effective corrosion prevention for sucker rods in artificial lift well completions.

An innovative solution to prevent sucker rods corrosion

Engineered to prevent sucker rod string corrosion and corrosion inhibition for steel sucker rods and couplings. This technology will also protect aluminum and fiberglass sucker rods.

The simplest solutions are often the best.

Cobalt Sucker Rod chemical treatment can reduce the number of costly alternative chemical treatments in many sucker rod pumped wells. This technology can lower operating costs, reduce downtime and reduce environmental risk.

This revolutionary (patent pending) Sucker rod corrosion prevention system will not only clear the production path in your tubing, but also protect costly artificial lift equipment, including sucker rods, couplings and the tubing. The result is fewer tubing and rod pulls, lower overall operating costs, and increased

well production with less well downtime.

Corrosion Control of Sucker Rods by Chemical Treatment (NACE SP0195-2007)

Looking for a innovative and cost effective solution to protect your sucker rod string, contact Cobalt to learn more.

Contact Cobalt for more information regarding downhole corrosion protection for your sucker rods and sucker rod couplings... as well as advanced sucker rod technologies currently in development.

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