Cobalt X Sucker Rod Coupling Centralizers

For maximum effective protection of downole tubing failure in well completions.

Makeup and Breakout with Standard Hydraulic Rod Tongs

Available with high strength proprietary steel for increased torque capacity. Alloy Steel heat-treated, stress-relieved mandrel with rolled threads.

Abrasion Resistant ARPMAX Polymer

Reduces tubing wear in vertical and deviated progressing cavity pumped and reciprocating pumped wells. Proven polymer performance in highly abrasive well conditions. Dimensionally, Thermally and Chemically stable. Non-Hygroscopic material. Zero Glass Fibre content.

Reduce PCP and SRP well operating costs

The Cobalt X Coupling Centralizers are engineered to reduce rod and tubing wear, workover frequency, lifting costs and well maintenance.

Cobalt X Sucker Rod Coupling Centralizers 

Cobalt X Couplings were designed for seamless installation on the rig floor using industry standard hydraulic rod tongs. Hydraulic Rod Tong installation ensures torque assurance over the whole rod string.

Cobalt X Coupling Centralizers (Patent Pending) are a “re-engineered” sucker rod coupling that enables a more-than-fourfold extension in run times in highly deviated wells with high velocity abrasive fluids, thereby eliminating significant workover costs for the operator and facilitating improved production.

• Designed to inhibit wear on tubing surfaces by preventing Coupling to Tubing contact.
• Safe and Fast Installation using Hydraulic Rod Tong.
• Designed for standard 4” (100mm) Sucker Rod Couplings

Cobalt offers an innovative combination of Overmolded Sucker Rod Guides combined with Cobalt X Couplings to prevent premature tubing wear and increase well productivity.

Sucker Rod Coupling Centralizers

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