Premium Sucker Rod Guides

Maximum effective prevention of downhole tubing failures in Artificial Lift well completions.
Overmolded Sucker Rod Guides

Overmolded Sucker
Rod Guides

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides were developed to offer a high-performance alternative to conventional rod guides. Engineered to withstand the abrasive counterfaces and high impact load conditions often encountered in deviated artificial lift well completions.

Field Installable Sucker Rod Guides

Field Installable "DoubleLOK" Sucker Rod Guides

Cobalt “DoubleLOK” Rod Guides offer the highest side-load and impact resistance, minimum pressure drop and optimal abrasion resistance. Designed to ensure maximum FlowPass and prevent localised sand concentrations to reduce downhole tubing failures.

Sucker Rod Guides for Artificial Lift

Proven Performance for Artificial Lift Completions

The ARPMAX® range of unique  multi-phase chemo-synthetic co-polymers are specifically formulated for high velocity abrasive fluid environments. Proven in highly deviated rod-pumped wells. Engineered to meet the challenges in extreme well conditions.

Rod Guide Downhole Wear Detection

CobaltSENSOR Sucker Rod Guide Wear Detection

CobaltSENSOR utilises new "Ensenium" technology (patent pending) to signal critical rod guide EWV wear and prevent premature rod-to-tubing or coupling-to-tubing wear. This system allows operators to schedule well servicing operations, versus "unscheduled" rig call-outs.

Cobalt Rod Guide surface (Magnified)

ARPMAX® Polymer

Above photo of Cobalt Rod Guide external surface (60X magnification), ARPMAX® is a multi-phase, chemo-synthetic co-polymer. Dimensionally, Thermally and Chemically stable. ARPMAX® Polymers can be customized to suit specific downhole operating environments. 

ARPMAX® is a proprietary range of chemo-synthetic co-polymer that outperforms conventional polyamides with higher strength and excellent abrasion resistance properties. Dimensionally, chemically and thermally stable with greater resistance to a wide range of operating environments. 

Cobalt has developed ARPMAX™, unique polymer materials which have been adapted to the requirements of extreme downhole well conditions. Through customized formulations and in-house abrasion testing, ARPMAX® chemical formulations are able to meet complex specifications for the most demanding applications.

When the downhole performance of Sucker Rod Guides and Coupling Centralizers are critical to your operations, choose Cobalt products manufactured from ARPMAX® Polymer Technology.

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and sand separation solutions for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.