Innovations and engineered solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

Cobalt engineers research and develop innovative products and solutions to reduce downhole failures and get more production out of every well.

Our focus is on integrity and performance, offering unique cost-effective solutions to best optimise your well completions while not compromising safety or the environment.

We would like to partner with you to develop effective solutions to downhole challenges and maximise the potential of oil and gas assets.

The team of professionals at Cobalt are always ready! Connecting with us is easy, call 1800 176 937, or via email.

Partner with Cobalt for Downhole Solutions

Problems with Downhole Abrasion or Corrosion in your well? 

Run it by our experts and receive a quick response!

Cobalt Extreme is an Australian energy services company specializing in abrasion resistant technologies and services for the oil and gas industry and related products for industrial markets. Cobalt operates through a network of manufacturing and service facilities located in Australia, USA and Canada, and is valued for quality products, patented technology and proven capability to provide innovative solutions.

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