COBALT® delivers proven performance and adds value through new product and service innovations, enabling our clients to achieve better results, faster.


COBALT Sucker Rod Guides are "tribology optimized"  to reduce friction, preventing rod deflection and buckling.  

ARPMAX Polymer

Patented Hydrodynamic Design

Proven Performance

Synthetic Metal technology

Self-Lubricating Polymers

Downhole Wear Detection  

Patented Turbulence Stabilization

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COBALT Manufacturing

The latest in Injection Molding and Polymer Compounding technology to support our Australian and International customers. Strategically located facilities with qualified and experienced personnel. Combining advanced manufacturing with NDT Inspection.

COBALT is Growing... FAST !

COBALT was successful in winning multiple long term contracts for the supply of artificial lift pumping technology... including our COBALT Sucker Rod Guides, which are now manufactured in Australia, USA and Asia. Proven to outperform all competitor products.

Reciprocating Sucker Rod Guides for rod pumped wells.

Rod Guides will lower
operating costs, reduce downtime, reduce drag and increase the lifecycle of your well completion. COBALT rod guides protect sucker rods, couplings and tubing from abrasive wear. The simplest solutions are the best.

ARPMAX Engineered Polymers

ARPMAX high performance polymers that are proven to retain improved mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties when subjected to extreme operating environments such as high temperature, high vibration, high abrasion and corrosive chemicals.

Rod Guides for Progressive Cavity Pumping (PCP) systems.

Every COBALT rod guide is engineered and injection
molded onto the sucker rod to reduce the effects of friction, reduce torque events and reduce abrasive wear in Progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems. 

Proven Downhole Performance

COBALT PCP Sucker Rod Guides pulled from a well completion after 77,000,000 continuous revolutions at 250rpm.

Negligible Rod Guide wear and negligible Tubing Wear = increased well productivity and less workovers.


NEW Sucker Rods 

Australia's largest stockist of New Sucker Rods, Pony Rods, Sinker Bars, Polished Rods and Couplings.

Proven Quality, Proven Performance and a proven Return on Investment. 

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CobaltAlloy Internal Surface

The CobaltAlloy Tubing internal surface is 30x Smoother than standard production tubing.

The internal tubing surface is specially processed for a very low co-efficient of friction. Standard production tubing is internally blasted clean, acid etched and then treated to uniform thickness with a proprietary COBALT Thermo-Mechanical process.

Sucker Rod Refurbishment.

COBALT sucker rod refurbishment services offer the most cost-effective method to extend sucker rod longevity, lower lifting costs, and reduce downtime. 

Ask about COBALT's precision coupling makeup technology.

NDT Inspection Services.

Optimize your drillpipe, tubing and sucker rod performance, extend operating life and identify critical downhole conditions to reduce well workover costs and frequency with COBALT Inspection Services.

High Performance Pumping for Artificial Lift.

The COBALT High Performance Pumping Division provides a range of proven technologies engineered to seamlessly improve downhole pumping efficiencies, increase production, minimize failures and reduce operating expenses.

Synthetic Metal by Cobalt.

Synthetic Metal™ (patented) …“the design potential of additive manufacturing, the engineering properties of polymers, the electrical/structural characteristics of metals with the cost and speed benefits of injection molding.”

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing.

Reduce your operational expenditure, boost your well performance and protect your assets with CobaltAlloy tubing. 

CobaltAlloy Tubing with the proprietary surface treatment process to prevent corrosion and ensure longer lifecycle of your critical production tubing.

Pony Rods with COBALT Sucker Rod Guides.

Pony Rods are available in various lengths with COBALT Sucker Rod Guides, engineered  to overcome extreme operating conditions.

Each High Quality Pony Rod fitted with COBALT Rod Guides offers enhanced performance in high side loads, abrasion
and corrosive environments.

COBALT Patented Technologies

More USA patents for COBALT that showcase our innovative developments in artificial lift, corrosion control and additive manufacturing. Many of the innovations were developed for extreme operating environments

Sucker Rod Thread Protectors (patented)

COBALT has engineered an innovative Thread Protector for Sucker Rods and Couplings. Engineered to lock onto the thread relief so they do not vibrate off during transport and for effective protection of the threads and pin shoulder faces.

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Our goal is to work with our customers and bring innovative solutions to downhole well completion challenges.

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