Cobalt is a technology company geared to the engineering and manufacturing of innovative solutions for industrial applications... Turning Challenges into Solutions


Our focus is to re-engineer technologies by combining our skills and experience with innovation, bringing new ideas from the concept phase to finished products.


We invest in new product Research and Development to ensure each customer has proven high-performance solutions for their production challenges.


Cobalt engineers combine Applied Tribology Research, Surface Dynamics modelling and Advanced Material Selection to develop innovative solutions for abrasion, erosion and corrosion in extreme environments.

Sucker Rods and Polished Rods

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing

Sucker Rod Guides

Sucker Rod and Tubing NDT Inspection

Drillpipe and Casing NDT Inspection

ARPMAX Polymer Technology

Research and Development

Injection Molding

Downhole Sand Control Systems

High Performance Pumping



Cobalt High Strength Sucker Rods.
Cobalt High Torque Sucker Rods.
Cobalt Sucker Rod Couplings.
Shear Couplings.
Coupling Centralizers.
Polished Rods.
Refurbished Sucker Rods.


Advanced Design.
Cobalt Overmolded Sucker Rod Guides.
Cobalt Field-Installable Rod Guides.
Abrasion Resistant.
Engineered for deviated artificial lift well completions.
Reduced Workovers.


CobaltAlloy Tubing.
Proprietary surface treatment.
Abrasion Resistant. Corrosion Protection.
Proven Performance.
Tubing Centralizers.
ESP Cable Protectors
Compatible with Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides


Abrasion Resistant.
High Operating Temps.
ZERO Glass Fiber.
Patented Technology.
Chemical Resistant.
High Performance Polymers.
Heat Stabilized
Forensic Traceability


CleanSweep Sand Control for PCP and Reciprocating Well Completions.
Easy Pump Restarts.
Prevent Parted Rods.
Prevent PCP Intake Blockages.
Improved Well Production


OCTG NDT Inspection
Sucker Rod Refurbishment
Tubing NDT Inspection
Precision Coupling Makeup.
Magnetic Particle Inspection.
Eddy Current Inspection.
Tubular Coatings

Cobalt Innovations

Cobalt is driven by the continuing and exponential advances in polymers and additive manufacturing technology. Our mission is to deliver unique, innovative and cost effective solutions to improve well performance and reliability.

Advanced Polymer Formulations

ARPMAX Polymers are multi-phase and chemo-synthetic. Dimensionally, Thermally and Chemically stable. ARPMAX® Polymers can be customized to suit specific operating environments. Proven in highly deviated rod-pumped wells. Engineered to meet the challenges in extreme well operating conditions.

Mechano-Tribological properties to prevent downhole corrosion

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides were engineered to reduce the fluid eddies by producing its own fluid wave, out of phase with the incoming production fluid flowpath. This results in a destructive interference of the flow eddies across the Sucker rod guide surface, resulting in a “turbulence stabilzation" effect. 

Research and Development

The intensity of investment in recent years has made Cobalt a leading Sucker Rod Guide manufacturer in the United States and Australia. R&D is the foundation of Cobalt. Our investment in research and development produces more patents each year and a steady stream of unique innovations for our clients.

CobaltAlloy Tubing and Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides

Reduce your operational expenditure, boost your well performance and protect your well completion with CobaltAlloy Tubing.

CobaltAlloy Tubing was developed to be compatible with Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides to offer a unique well completion package. Includes production tubing, sucker rods, sucker rod guides, coupling centralizers and tubing centralizers.

Sucker Rod Coupling Centralizers

Cobalt Coupling Centralizers have an ARPMAX Polymer Sleeve injection molded to the coupling, which offers unprecedented increases in operational life, reducing production tubing friction and wear in sandy, corrosive and deviated wells. 

Cobalt Coupling Centralizers operate successfully at temperatures up to 350 F (175 C), proven performance, reduced coupling "wobble" to prevent Hole-In-Tubing failures.

Cobalt Patented Technology

More USA patents for Cobalt that showcase our innovative developments in artificial lift, corrosion control and additive manufacturing.

Many of the innovations coming out of the Cobalt Advanced Materials Laboratory were developed for extreme operating environments, downhole oilwells, automotive and heavy industrial projects.

High Operating Temperature Polymers

ARPMAX high performance polymers, a range of polymer materials that are proven to retain improved mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties when subjected to extreme operating environments such as high temperature, high vibration, high pressure, and corrosive chemicals.

ARPMAX Polymers are the ideal material in parts designed to replace metal. 

Bio-Mechanical Research for Reduced Friction

The Cobalt Turbulence Stabilization mechanism incorporating a Bio-Mechanical surface structure combined with symmetrical (or random) sine wave leading edges, for downhole well completion and drilling equipment.

The Tubulence stabilization mechanism include a micro-grooved surface and scalloped body sections based on biomechanics. 

Sucker Rod Thread Protectors

Cobalt offers Thread Protection technology for sucker rod threads and couplings. Each connection when protected during storage and transport will then maintain thread integrity with high quality and engineered Sucker Rod Thread Protectors. (Patent Pending)

Cobalt offers sucker rod protectors for standard API connections and API Modified (High Torque) connections.

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