Cobalt Sucker Rods

Cobalt offers field-proven Sucker Rods and associated products engineered for the most challenging oil and gas applications. 

Sucker Rods

Manufactured to the most stringent quality standards, all Cobalt® products comply
with API specifications.

Quality control procedures including process controls, process and product audits and sucker rods traceability systems.

Each sucker rod is inspected by Non Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment and qualified inspectors that can detect any potential defects in accordance with API criteria. 

High Torque Sucker Rods

High Torque (API Modified connections) Sucker Rods are engineered to withstand the high levels of load and torque that is generated by PCP’s and surface drive systems.

Cobalt® sucker rods and accessories are designed to efficiently respond to
challenging operating conditions, including high loads, corrosive environments and applications where the reduction of tubing-to-rod friction is required.

Refurbished Sucker Rods

Used Sucker Rods can be inspected and refurbished for maximum effective re-use of your sucker rod assets, reduced operating costs and reduced potential for downhole rod failure.

Cobalt sucker rod inspection virtually eliminates failures caused by rod and thread quality.

Every bundle of Cobalt refurbished sucker rods can be traced to NDT inspection reports.

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Sucker Rod Inspection

Used Sucker Rod inventory can be inspected and classified according to API Standards by our qualified and experienced inspectors.

Sucker Rods can be inspected for maximum effective re-use of your well completion assets, reduced operating costs and reduced potential for downhole rod failure.

Precision Coupling Make-up Service

Our proprietary precision coupling make-up unit is available to help prevent premature connection failures as well as eliminating costly rig time and potential damage to the couplings due to handling.

Each coupling is installed using our exclusive pin neck-stretch method to exact pre-load stress of the pin with no damage to the coupling, which results in a more precise make-up than the circumferential displacement method. 

We buy and sell Used Sucker Rods

Maximize the lifecycle of used sucker rods and we can install Cobalt® Sucker Rod Guides on your "Used" Sucker Rods after inspection! 

If you have any pre-owned sucker rods, pony rods, sinker bars or stabilizer bars you would like to sell or you are interested in purchasing pre-owned sucker rods, please contact Cobalt® to discuss all the benefits.

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