Advanced wear sensor technology by COBALT to prevent tubing wear in vertical and deviated progressing cavity and reciprocating rod pumped wells. 

Downhole Wear Sensor Technology for Artificial Lift Well Completions. Developed and Patented by COBALT to overcome rod-to-tubing wear in rod pumped wells with high side impact loads, highly abrasive fluids, high velocity fluids and highly deviated wells.

Vertical wells can also be subjected to abrasive wear issues due to localized sand concentrations.

In all Sucker Rod pumped well completions, the only existing method of determining the sucker rod critical wear level is "predictive" based on well failure history ... or just a guess ... or wait until tubing failure and another expensive workover.

COBALT and Ensenium™ technology takes away the guesswork of downhole wear and allows operators to schedule well servicing operations, versus "unscheduled" workover rig call-outs. 

Tubing failures due to rod wear results in high well maintenance costs and lost production. The CobaltSENSOR utilises Ensenium™ technology (Patented by COBALT) to detect sucker rod guide EWV wear indication and prevent premature rod-to-tubing wear and reduce costs per well.

The sucker rod has a history of nearly one hundred years. The first metal sucker rod patent (U.S.528168) in the United States by Samuel M. Jones in October 30, 1894.

In the past 40 years, many new materials and technical advances have been developed in the manufacturing of sucker rods, such as frequency induction, infrared temperature measurement, coupling production, advanced forging technology, rolling external threads, extrusion technology, friction welding, shot peening, surface induction quenching and other metallurgical engineering innovations.

Sucker Rod Guides have been around since the 1940's. Originally starting as a rod scraper, the first device applied to the rod body was a metal flat, tack-welded to the sucker rod in effort to scrape paraffin from the tubing and distribute rod side-loading across the tubing wall. Sucker Rod Guides have evolved primarily to polymer materials, injection molded directly onto the sucker rod for centralizing the sucker rod to prevent tubing wear.

COBALT Sucker Rod Guides and CobaltSENSOR offer a technological advancement not previously available since the first sucker rod was produced more than 100 years ago.

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