Sucker Rod Thread Protectors

When used Sucker Rods have been pulled from a well completion they are usually bundled together without thread protectors, as the original protectors would have been discarded at the time of installation.

Cobalt has designed (Patent Pending) an innovative Sucker Rod Thread Protector for Sucker Rods and Couplings. Engineered to lock onto the thread relief so they do not vibrate off during transport and for effective protection of the threads and pin shoulder faces.

Sucker Rod Thread Protectors

Cobalt offers Thread Protection technology for sucker rod threads and couplings. Each connection when protected during storage and transport will then maintain thread integrity with high quality and engineered Sucker Rod Thread Protectors. (Patent Pending)

Sucker rod threaded connections should never suffer damage so they can be effective and reliable during well pumping operations in the oilfield. 

Sucker Rod Thread Protector Features

• Excellent Impact Protection
• Full coverage of the Threaded Area
• Recyclable and Re-Usable
• Eliminates Protectors falling off during transport
• Fast and Safe Installation and Removal
• ARPMAX® Polymer Technology
• Suitable for API Standard and API Modified Thread Connections
• No requirement for hammer to install.

Pin and Coupling Thread Protectors

Cobalt offers sucker rod protectors for standard API connections, API Modified (High Torque) connections and coupling thread protectors.

With Cobalt Sucker Rod Thread Protectors, operators can rest assured that their sucker rod threads and couplings will maintain their integrity with high-quality and “oilfield tough” protective caps.

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