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ARPMAX® High Performance Polymers

One of the secret ingredients in ARPMAX® Polymers is a unique cross-linked additive, formulated for high abrasion resistance and high impact resistance.

That’s what makes Cobalt Premium Sucker Rod Guides the ideal choice for extreme downhole well completions.

Increase the lifecycle of your rod-pumped well completions with 21st Century innovations by Cobalt... new designs, patented technologies, advanced surface treatments, specialist polymer formulations and proven downhole performance.

Cobalt® Plastic Extrusion

When it comes to developing and manufacturing custom plastic tubing to your individual specifications, no one does it better than Cobalt Extrusion Technologies. 

Plastic tubing can be designed for a wide variety of applications in a multitude of markets, including medical, chemical processing, food and beverage. 

Up to 10” outside diameter, cut to length in-line or wound on spools, Slitting, Hole punching
The choices are endless and the results are high quality.

Contact Cobalt for your next plastic extrusion project.

Cobalt Sucker Rods ready for installation at the wellsite

Another Cobalt® client is installing our Premium Sucker Rod Guides in their PCP well completions for less workovers and improved well productivity.

Ideal for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, very high impact resistance, "self-lubricating" polymers, improved rod string stabilization and centralization, reduced tubing wear and increased sucker rod guide lifecycle.

Turning Challenges into Solutions

Sucker Rod Guides for PCP Well Completions

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides were developed to offer a high-performance alternative to conventional rod guides.

Engineered to withstand the abrasive counterfaces and high impact load conditions often encountered in deviated artificial lift well completions.

Cobalt Operations Base

Strategically located manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Australia. Injection Molding, Extrusion and Additive Manufacturing operations.

Cobalt also has NDT Inspection and Testing facilities in Roma, Queensland to provide oilfield support services and inventory. Sucker Rods, Oilfield Tubing and Casing.

Cobalt Field-Installable Sucker Rod Guides

Cobalt “DoubleLOK” Rod Guides offer the highest side-load and impact resistance, minimum pressure drop and optimal abrasion resistance.

Designed to ensure maximum FlowPass and prevent localised sand concentrations to reduce downhole tubing failures.

Sucker Rod Inspection by Cobalt

Your Sucker Rod inventory can be inspected and classified according to API Standards by our qualified and experienced inspectors.

Used Sucker Rods can be inspected by Cobalt for maximum effective re-use of your sucker rod assets, reduced operating costs and reduced potential for downhole rod failure.

CleanSweep Sand Control

CleanSweep is the ultimate solution for high solids in downhole rod pumped completions to prevent localized sand concentrations. 

Engineered Sand Control systems to prevent downhole pump intake blockage and maximizing artificial lift well completion lifecycle. 

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing

Reduce your operational expenditure, boost your well performance and protect your assets with CobaltAlloy™ tubing. Increased well production for Artificial Lift well completions.

Follow this link to learn more about CobaltAlloy Production Tubing.

Severe Service Couplings

Cobalt® Severe Service Sucker Rod Couplings have a proprietary surface treatment process, which offers unprecedented increases in operational life, reducing production tubing friction and wear in sandy, corrosive and deviated wells.

Cobalt X Coupling Centralizers

Cobalt® Coupling Centralizers are engineered to reduce rod and tubing wear, workover frequency, lifting costs and well maintenance.

Made using ARPMAX® Polymer Technology

Cobalt® Sucker Rod Guides

Cobalt® Sucker Rod Guides were developed to offer a high-performance alternative with high abrasion resistance using ARPMAX® Polymer Technology.

Engineered for extreme downhole conditions.

Have Any Questions ?

Please email or reach out using our contact page to learn more about Cobalt® technologies and the future of high performance polymer engineering.

ESP Cable Protectors by Cobalt

Cobalt ESP Cable Protectors to protect round, square or flat cables and control lines. 

Cobalt® cable protectors, also called control line protectors, are used to protect any configuration of ESP cables, control lines, encapsulated bundles in artificial lift well completions. There are channels to shield cables or lines when they transit across the tubing coupling to prevent from damage during installation or retrieval of completions.

Cobalt ESP cable protectors are made of carbon steel or stainless steel and are suitable for 2 3/8" up to 7" sizes.