Sucker Rod Corrosion Protection

Protecting sucker rods is critical to extending rod string life in highly corrosive environments. Cobalt Sucker Rod Anodes for corrosion protection are proven to extend the lifecycle of your sucker rods.

Corrosion is a problem that is increasing in oil and gas as existing wells age and as producers push into deeper and hotter wells with more aggressive fluids. 

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides for PCP Well Completions

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides were developed to offer a high-performance alternative to conventional rod guides.

Engineered to withstand the abrasive counterfaces and high impact load conditions often encountered in deviated artificial lift well completions.

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides for Reciprocating Well Completions

Cobalt Injection Molded Sucker Rod Guides. Re-engineered design, abrasion resistant with proven performance and "self-Lubricating" formulation for a very low co-efficient of friction. 

When the downhole performance of Sucker Rod Guides are critical to your operations, choose Cobalt products manufactured from ARPMAX Polymer Technology.

Sucker Rod Corrosion 

Cobalt “DoubleLOK” Rod Guides offer the highest side-load and impact resistance, minimum pressure drop and optimal abrasion resistance.

Designed to ensure maximum FlowPass and prevent localised sand concentrations to reduce downhole tubing failures.

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Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides for Fiberglass Rods

For maximum effective protection of downole tubing failure in well completions.

Reduces tubing wear in vertical and deviated progressing cavity pumped and reciprocating pumped wells. Proven polymer performance in highly abrasive well conditions.

Dimensionally, Thermally and Chemically stable. Non-Hygroscopic "Self-Lubricating" material with Zero Glass Fiber content.

Cobalt Sucker Rod Guides are compatible with CobaltAlloy Tubing

CobaltAlloy Production Tubing was developed to be compatible with ARPMAX Polymers. 

CobaltAlloy has enhanced "mechano-tribological" properties for reduced friction, lower wear, reduced corrosion, open flow, reduced torque and drag, increased production and reduced well workovers.

Cobalt Coupling Centralizers

Cobalt Coupling Centralizers are engineered to reduce rod and tubing wear, workover frequency, lifting costs and well maintenance. 

Designed to reduce tubing wear in reciprocating and progressing cavity pumped (PCP) well completions.

Contact Cobalt for more information regarding your sucker rod guide and sucker rod coupling centralizer requirements.

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