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Cobalt® Sucker Rod Couplings

Reduces tubing wear in vertical and deviated progressing cavity and reciprocating rod pumped wells. 

Severe Service Couplings

At the Cobalt® Advanced Materials Laboratory, new technological advancements have now made possible the next generation of severe service sucker rod couplings for the Artificial Lift industry.

Cobalt® SS Sucker Rod Couplings have a proprietary surface treatment process, which offers unprecedented increases in operational life, reducing production tubing friction and wear in sandy, corrosive and deviated wells.

With a hardness of 92+ Rc, Cobalt® SS Couplings provide well completion engineers the opportunity to achieve maximum performance and increased sucker rod string lifecycle. The proprietary surface coating does not fracture or separate from the base metal substrate. Bending impact and normal operational flexing will not cause the unique external coating to chip or peel.

Cobalt® SS Couplings operate successfully at temperatures up to 1400 F (775 C) with no adverse effects on either the coating or base metal integrity. 

Cobalt® Coupling Centralizers

A re-engineered sucker rod coupling to increase the lifecycle of rod pumped well completions, reducing workover costs for the operator and facilitating uninterrupted production.

The Cobalt® Coupling Centralizer was developed to reduce well workover costs. Many of the failures in rod-pumped well completions are related to either tubing or sucker rod coupling failures, caused primarily by abrasive wear damage during pumping operations.

Cobalt® Coupling Centralizers eliminate rod coupling wear and feature a non-rotating “Abrasion Resistant” injection molded ARPMAX® Polymer Sleeve.

Cobalt® Coupling Centralizers were designed for seamless installation on the rig floor using industry standard hydraulic rod tongs. 

Enhance the performance of sucker rod strings in artificial lift well completions by improving energy transfer to the downhole pump.

EasyGlide™ Roller Rod Couplings

The EasyGlide™ Coupling is manufactured using high quality 4330 Alloy and coated with Nickel Telfon for corrosion protection. The EasyGlide system is used to increase the run life of the rods and tubing. The Coupling material is twice as strong as standard couplings. The EasyGlide™ Coupling is rated for 150,000lb with an almost zero friction coefficient.

The Aluminium Bronze alloy wheels are designed to roll through the production tubing. The EasyGlide™ Roller Couplings will reduce the power usage due to reducing coupling drag, which also allows for full stroke of the rods that will create full pump stroke cycle, increasing production.

The overall goal is to increase the life of the rod, tubing, reduce pulling frequencies and increase revenue on the well by increasing energy savings.

Installing EasyGlide™ Roller Couplings in your Sucker Rod string will ensure increased run times and production revenue. 

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